Template Story

Cropped shot of a man and woman completing paperwork together at a desk

The following is what I think you should focus on initially when looking to build new stories for the website. Once you have got used to the look and feel, you can start to play around with different setups and get an idea of how you might want your template to look for all the stories you create going forward.

Text Size

I prefer all of my text to be displayed in “small” font for each of the containers. You can change the font size of each container by clicking on said container, and looking at the options on the right hand side of your page. You will see a “Font Size” drop down which will allow you to change to a predetermined size or set your own customer size.

If you press enter it will drop down you down to a new container, but you can continue typing in the same contain with a paragraph space by pressing “Shift” & “Enter” at the same time

These containers can contain more text information such as this, or can contain text dividers or images. The next contain I will open by pressing enter (you may need to move your mouse to see the plus sign), clicking on the “plus” symbol that shows, and selecting an image.


You can see that I have embed the league badge on the right hand side of the page. The badge is actually the container we set up just now but has been right justified and as such, allows the rest of the text to wrap around it.

You can edit the image settings by clicking on the image and changing the settings that appear on the right hand side. I would suggest that a height and width of “125” works well on most browsers for small images within stories (but again, up to you guys).

Once you have added the image, you can change its position on the page by clicking on it, and pressing the up or down arrows on the popup menu (on the left hand side) which will move the container up or down a section.

You might want to have a much bigger image embedded in the page such as an advert, which once added to the page, you can also add a hyper link to the image so when it is clicked on, it will take them to the sponsor website…as shown below

Proudly sponsoring the CDSFL

In Page Headings

The headings that I have created on this page (e.g In Page Headings, Categories, Featured Images etc) are just new containers with the setting change from paragraph to headings. You can change to headings by highlighting the text, and when the popup appears change the “paragraph” icon on the far left hand side to be a “heading” and then change the H2 to a H3.


Once you have created the main body of your story, you will need to update the “Categories” which will appear on the right hand side once you click off the container. Remember that a story can be pushed to none, 1 or many categories depending on where you want it to appear on the website.

Featured Images

Once categories have been assigned, you will want to assign a “Featured Image” which will be used for the story on your main pages. I suggest that the dimensions for these stories be at least “650” by “350” from memory. Images that are too large will automatically be shrunk down to fit on the page but those that are smaller, wont be increased in size to ensure the same look and feel.


This is the few lines of text that will appear under your story when it is listed on your site under the different categories. I just normally copy the first line or two from the opening paragraph but you can always tweak it accordingly if needed.

Readers Comments

Final option is to remove the ability for users to create comments against news stories by unchecking the two boxes “Allow Comments” and “Allow Pingbacks